Tuesday, February 1, 2011


"Beauty”, “Serenity” and “Joy” …. Mere expressions to the English language but to me…they are reminders of something to which mother nature has been so generous that the border between fantasy and reality seems really very thin.I am talking about a place that is often referred to as “Mini-Kashmir”… a small town situated on the outskirts of Uttarakhand – ‘Pithoragarh’.I was born, brought-up and built in the very place. I always felt as if I was actually living in a fairyland. During my childhood, all I knew were those small streets, ..the sky-scraping mountains and the clouds I used to play with. It might seem incredible but to be really honest, it was not to me till the age of 10. All the bed-time stories I heard were boring. I never enjoyed them to the fullest as I was actually living a part of them. This killed my power toimagine too. Usually, one is asked to close the eyes and think of a wonderful landscape in order to relax. I, on the other hand did quite the opposite. I kept my eyes open.
A fear drove me all those years. A fear of falling from the next peak as I believed that it was the extreme end of the earth and if I trip, I’m history. Thus, I never intentionally went to the top of any mountain. When I started watching t.v, I came to know of various geographical locations and believed that America is situated somewhere in my neighborhood, Australia is the place where dad’s office is and Switzerland was just another name to call the dominant peaks visible e outside my window. Ah, my hometown literally meant the world to me !
Pithoragarh is a small town, which gives its name to the district. It lies in the centre of the western half of the Soar Valley which resembles the Kashmir valley on a miniature scale.
It is basically a valley which is surrounded by four hills namely, Chandak, Dhwaj, Kumdar and Thal Kedar, and stretches in the southern flank to Jhulaghat demarcated by the Kali river
adjoining the barren peaks of Nepal Hills.Pithoragarh, is known as the gateway to the Himalaya's from the north, as pilgrims trek through this town to the Kailash Lake Manasarovar and Om Parvat.
I completed 10 major years of schooling from St. Don Bosco High School but wasn’t quite a good student ever. I have no shame in blaming the school authorities for that because they built it at such a pretty location.

My mind and eyes were neither in books, nor I’d concentrate on what the teacher was teaching as I found the window to be more alluring because it offered so much to look at.
There is one really amazing characteristic of the place.
It changes colours.6 months its sparkling green and for the other 6 months,
its golden brown. .but that’s
not all…

It turns a miraculous white as a surprise any random year.

Keeping the natural beauty aside, the best thing I like about
Pithoragarh is its lot of residents.
The spirit that lives in these people is just magical… always ready to help, always smiling and unbelievably, the entire town lives like 1 giant family.

Recently, there was a rare case of theft in a small cellular shop. The man lost all he had. He cried but he was not the only one. The entire main market cried with him. It was shut the entire day in response to the incident. Everyone generously helped him to get back on track and he was on a roll in no-time. I believe it’s the essence of being a human in true sense with God resting in their heart.

It is also known as “Devbhoomi” or the Land of Gods. It has many temples with huge mythological and historical beliefs. Namely,Mahakali Temple of Gangolihat : It is rich in folk culture, music and religious traditions and had been chosen by Sankaracharya for the installation of Mahakali

Nagmandir of Berinag : it is the location of the famous snake temple which is dedicated to one of several manifestations of Lord Vishnu.

Patal Bhuvaneshwar : It is one of the oldest caves in Northern India and is a complex of temples on the inside. It’ is believed to have its relevance in the epic Mahabharata. One attains all the blessings of the “Char-Dham Yatra” by just a single visit of this cave.
Nakuleshwar Temple : This temple has its location at a place about two km. removed from the village Shiling which it self is about four Km away from Pithoragarh. The architectural design of the main temple is splendid and appears to have been modeled on the stylistic pattern of Khajuraho.Arjuneshwar : Ten Km from the west of Pithoragarh town on the top of a hill at a height of 6000 ft. is situated the Shiva temple called Arjune- shwar believed to have been built by Arjuna the great warrior & the supreme archer.
And many many more…..

As far as giving and receiving is concerned, the place has given me many things that are impossible to express in mere words. 1 of them is the ‘lust for thrill’. The reason is very simple. Pithoragarh is an Adventure Sports’ Paradise. One can enjoy rafting and canoeing at areas close to Pithoragarh. Trout fishing can be enjoyed at the rivers in the district.
When people ask me, what’s your inspiration, what keeps you motivated, who is your ultimate guide..??
-->>I have just one answer : --> My Motherland, My Hometown, My Fairyland…. Pithoragarh. It has taught me the most important asset we Indians believe in… Values..!
When a good man dies, it is said that he goes to heaven. I have lived and loved heaven my entire life. If you are like me and cannot wait for afterlife, visit my hometown to let your heart truly say.. ."Wow.!”


  1. When are you taking me there.. ?? I m already much tempted by now ! !

  2. came across your blog about pithoragarh...its my hometown too..loved the way u have described it...